Medical Device Launch Checklist

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This Medical Device Launch Checklist is provided free of charge by
sanko::strategic medical device marketing, market development, and commercialization consultants. You may copy, print, and distribute it freely; you may not modify it in any way.

The Checklist is intended for small and medium-size companies that may not have institutional systems and processes to control launch activities. It can also be used by anyone (Product Manager, Marketing Manager, Project Manager, startup CEO, et al) who wants to assure that nothing has been omitted from their launch plan.

The cells in the first column can be check marked and the document can be saved to monitor progress toward completion.

You can use the Checklist to guide the development of a launch or marketing plan. The Checklist can also be used as a gateway document to assure that all activities are accounted for and either completed or in progress before authorizing product launch.

The color-coded functional responsibilities for each task are guidelines. Your organization may be structured differently.

The Checklist provides general guidelines for market launch of most medical devices. Because of the complex and broad nature of the medical device industry, the Checklist should not be considered a comprehensive list of all activities required for a successful launch. Further, not all activities are applicable to all companies.

For a personalized assessment of your company’s commercialization or launch plan or for a custom commercialization or launch plan, contact
Tom Sanko, Principal of
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Medical Device Commercialization Checklist

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