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              Tom Sanko

As a senior executive/CEO and as a consultant, I help startups and development stage companies bring innovative and disruptive products to market to create revenues and profits.

I’m a product guy. There are few things as satisfying to me as beginning with an idea and growing that concept into a product that people buy and use all over the world. It’s especially gratifying when the products are medical devices and they solve real world clinical problems.

As the principal of sanko::strategic Management Consulting, I develop business plans, strategic plans, go-to-market plans, and market development plans for startups and development stage companies. As a start-up CEO, I also prepare and present Executive Summaries and Investor Presentations/Pitches to Angel Investors, corporate partners, and other early stage investors and investment groups for investment capital and seed fundraising.

I have extensive experience and success in medical device and technology product development, product launch planning and execution, and marketing and product management in a variety of medical and surgical specialties and in the industrial and military sectors.

Want to know more, or discuss a particular problem you need help with? Send me an email: tom@tomsanko.com or give me a call at 206 414 8453 and I’ll get back to you within 24 hours.


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